Ryuji Suzuki, Photographer

Rich visual experience with depth, dynamism, absurdity and personality.

Ryuji Suzuki

If an image is meant to be intense, rich, bold or absurd, I wouldn't hesitate to expand such potential. I love naturally spicy food but never use a hot sauce just to make the food spicy. I appreciate modern furniture, especially chairs, and that's nothing to do with how strange they look. I love conceptual art, even if you think it's poorly executed. Read an online interview.

My photography was exhibited in several galleries in Boston area, with a few winning awards, including: • Best of Advertising Photography and Judge's Choice awards, annual image competition of Commercial and Industrial Photographers of New England. • Grand Prize, Vortex, Blue Man Group.

Education: Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Based in Boston, but available for commercial assignments beyond Boston area.